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A guide to keeping your garden free of waste

A guide to keeping your garden free of wasteA garden is like the inside of your home it can turn into a dumping ground for rubbish! Though it can be unappealing to tidy up the outdoors when the weather is bad when the warmer drier weather arrives what excuse do you have? Get outside in the fresh air and start having a good sort out and rubbish clearance. Having a neat and tidy outside area will make you feel better and help encourage you to keep it tidy and maybe even improve the area for you to enjoy all year round.

Starting the big clean up job
A garden is a place that can soon resemble a waste ground. You may have weeds and an overgrown lawn that are in need of taming, as well as weathered garden furniture and children toys. Where do you begin? Well getting some control on the lawn and weeds is a help. With this type of work you will generate a lot of garden waste. If there is an excessive amount you could hire a garden waste clearance service that will call and collect the waste and take it away to the specialist environmentalist centre. But, you can easily get rid of it yourself wither by making compost or using the special bins supplied to home owners.

A garden can be a magnet for clutter like indoors
Even if you have the garden under control, it is possible that you have other waste to dispose of. If you have anything that is broken such as bird tables, benches, table and chairs can they be fixed? If you can refurbish them you will be saving money and improving what you have rather than buying new replacement garden furnishings. If they are too damaged then you may as well get rid of it. Local tips are a good option as long as you can transport them. Ask a friend if they have a suitable vehicle to take away larger items to the council tips.

Is cleaning up what you have a possibility?
If you have garden furniture they may just need a good clean, try using a pressure washer and deep clean them to bring them back to life again. You could do the same with children trampolines, slides and swings. If they are looking a little tired could you paint them or spray them a new colour. Look online for making children’s outside toys last longer. There are numerous paints and solutions that can revamp older things in the home and garden.

At last don’t forget the garage and shed
When you have dealt with your garden clearance then look at the last hotspots for waste and rubbish the garage and shed. These are two places that soon become cluttered with rubbish. Take some time and be strict at getting rid of old paint tins, out of date pesticides, tools, garden furniture and old toys etc. If it is broken and not fixable dump it. If you are creative you could salvage old jars and tins for storage. If you can mend tools or furniture then that is great but if not then put it aside to be dumped. Making room and getting rid of this type of rubbish will give you more space.

Take care when dealing with outdoor waste
Just ensure you are careful when disposing of your garden rubbish, there are special requirements with some pesticides, weed killers and even car oils etc. Garden clearance needs to be done with care. Alternatively hire a professional clearance company to help deal if you have more harmful items.


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