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Redesigning your garden, some great landscaping tips

gardenWhen you’re redesigning your garden, there are some things to think about before you get started. Here are a few things to consider from:

  • Write down your ideas
  • Create a diagram
  • Style of the garden
  • Colours and textures
  • Terrain

Write down ideas about how you want your garden to look. You’ll be able to visualise your design better. A diagram is useful for choosing seating, play areas, or outdoor dining. Decide if you want the garden to be formal with straight paths and symmetrical foliage, casual with winding paths and a variety of shapes, or cottage-style. You may combine smooth and rough textures for an interesting look.

Colours play a big part in the garden’s appearance. Warm colours make a space look smaller and cool colours give the appearance of more space. White and pale shades provide more reflective light to dark areas. If the space for your garden is an unusual shape or if it’s a hilly area, you can use the space to your advantage. Different heights and shapes will direct the eye to certain spaces and can create an illusion of a larger space. A steep or hilly spot can use terracing to create an unusual garden.

We asked expert garden designers at Groby Landscapes to give us some tips which they were happy to oblige. The Leicester based landscaping company gave us the following bits of vital information.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when redesigning your garden:

1. Looking at gardens in your neighbourhood can give you a lot of good ideas.

2. Have realistic ideas about how the garden is being used. If you want a formal garden, it’s not the place for the kids and dog to be playing. Choose flowers and plants that you’ll easily be able to maintain.

3. If you’re using seating in the garden, place benches or chairs where you’ll have a great view of the garden, and in a more sheltered spot so you can enjoy being outdoors even more. If you have a patio or terrace, you may want the garden to be an extension of that outdoor space. Outdoor sofa sets can cost £699.00 or even lower. The cost depends on the style. A garden bench is a nice addition and may run about £199.00. Garden furniture varies in cost depending on how elaborate it is.

4. Browse gardening centres for flowers and plants that will grow well in your climate and require little maintenance. If you have friends that are avid gardeners, you can ask if they might provide you with cuttings that you can plant.

5. Take advantage of the natural features in your yard. If you have a wall or fence, it’s a good place to plant climbing varieties that will enhance the space. Planting perennials as a border will add natural beauty.

6. Consider placing a fountain or small pond in your garden. Garden and home improvement centres have an array of charming fountains and garden accessories, and many are inexpensive.

7. A perfect way to enhance your garden’s appearance is to use outdoor lighting. Solar lights are inexpensive and provide soft lighting at night. You can highlight flowering shrubs and ornamental trees, light a pathway, or add emphasis to a garden pond or fountain. Garden centres stock solar lights for as little as £5.99.

A fun way to redesign your garden is to do it in stages, rather than all at once. You’ll enjoy seeing how your garden evolves over time. If you choose to have a landscaping service redesign your garden, the average cost in London starts at approximately £285.


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