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Simple steps to replace the sump pump

sump pumpThe function of sump pump is to remove the water from crawl space or basement and send it via a discharge pipe line that exits the building. The best time to either replace or repair the broken pump is the time before a big storm comes. One who likes to replace the sump pump by themselves need to have the tools in their hand that includes screw driver, tubing cutter, discharge pipe, sump pump, water pump pliers and carpenters level. First step is unplugging the old sump pump and disconnecting the discharge line that enters it. To finish this step they have to use water pump pliers two sets in number. Second step is leveling the new pump and ensure the pump sites well in the pit. If necessary, they can use any composite or plastic shims to level the pump. The next step is connecting the discharge line. When carrying out this step they can reuse the old parts of discharge line. If they do not like they can cut some new pieces of discharge line if required.

The check valve in the system will avoid water to flow from discharge line back to the sump pump again when the pump cycles off. This can reduce the chances of flooding and helps in increasing the lifespan of sump pump. If their new sump pump lacks an integrated valve, they can consider adding one check valve to the discharge line. Finally connect the exit pipe to the primary discharge line by either tightening the union or slipping on the rubber fitting and constricting the hose clamps.  The last step is turning on the power. Plug the cord of the pump into the grounded outlet. Then they can test the sump pump by loading with water until their sump pump gets activated.

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