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Impress your friends with your own crafts fair

There’s something wildly satisfying about seeing the evolution of something that exists originally in your mind to the point that it exists in the real world. As an artist, I know that the first seed of an idea I get is just the beginning of a long, exciting, and usually very frustrating process. It’s generally a little frustrating and painful, because in my opinion, if you’re not challenging yourself and pushing yourself, you’re not really creating, you’re just copying. However, when that first hint of an idea starts to germinate in my mind, I know that I’m in for an incredible and rewarding journey.

There’s no way to be a better friend than to share that which is special to you with others. Throwing your own little arts and crafts fair is an amazing way to get the creative juices of your friends and their kids flowing! If you’re thinking of throwing your own little crafts fair, you have to have some sort of plan involved.

Have a couple of project ideas and the materials to make them. Having some ideas for projects is important because sometimes people need a little bit of a kick in the butt to get their inspiration going. This is especially true for kids who find an element of safety in rules. Kids like having guidelines set out for them. I think adults appreciate that as well come to think of it. It’s a lot easier to come up with an idea if there are already a bunch of materials set out that will get your brain turning in the right direction. You can present adults with practical tools that they could use to shape their materials, but just keep in mind that kids won’t always have the safety knowledge or coordination to operate them. Use your discretion, but always err on the side of caution.

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Making belts is a fun idea. Manipulating leather isn’t difficult, and the finished product will last years and years and be a lasting memory. Belts are both practical and fun to create, and one can create something slick and fashionable or something more detailed and ornamental. You can cheaply get long pieces of leather and all the accouterments you’ll need at grommet punch or and you’ll probably get some great ideas too.

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You can also throw a mask making party. Depending on your budget and the age of your guests, you car really run wild with this one. It could be as simple as cutting out masks from cardstock, and decorating them with exciting and colorful materials, to really finding your creative inspiration. You can be as elaborate as you’d like to be, going even so far as using new and exciting materials. I recently went to a mask making party in which we used colorful autumn leaves and seed pods and the party that ensued afterward seemed like something out of a fantasy novel!

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